Xamarin Development


Xamarin is a Microsoft owned California based Software Company which was founded in 2011 by the engineers who created Mono for Android that are cross-platform implementations of the Common Language Specifications and Common Language Infrastructure. Developers use Xamarin tools to write native, Android, iOS and Windows apps code with share code and native user interfaces across multiple platforms. The efficient team of coders of AST uses Xamarin tool in developing the mobile apps. Xamarin is originally based on C# coding. Along with the release of Xamarin 2.0, it also included two main components, Xamarin Studio, which is the re-branding of the open-source IDE MonoDevelop and integration with Visual Studio, i.e., Microsoft’s IDE for the.Net framework that allows using Visual Studio for creating applications for Android and iOS, and as well as for Windows.

Integrated Development Environment

Xamarin for Visual Studio

Xamarin supplies add-ins to the Microsoft Visual Studio that allows developers to build Android, iOS and Windows app within the IDE utilizing Intellisense and Code Completion. It is the only IDE that is compatible with native Android, iOS and Windows app development within Microsoft Visual Studio. It has extensions within MS Visual Studio that provide full support for the building, debugging and deploying of the apps on a simulator or a device.

Xamarin Studio

For the mobile app development, it is a standalone IDE on Windows and MAC OS. It is a part of Xamarin 2.0 version that is based on the open-source project MonoDevelop. Apart from the function of debugging, it includes code completion in C# that is an Android UI builder for creating user interfaces without XML, and integration with Xcode interface builder for iOS app design.


It was created for use as a tool for the application development with Apple technology by using the C# programming language for Mac OS, i.e. Xamarin Mac. It provides the facility of 90% of code reuse to the developers across Android, Windows, and iOS. It provides the developers with the ability to build complete native Cocoa apps for Mac OS.


The Xamarin forms make the development easier for the developers by providing the facility for in-built forms that can be used while building the interface. The entire new 3.0 version of Xamarin forms has been about reducing the friction in positioning the Android bottom tabs that are created while building the forms, checking the spellings of the content and capitalization and prediction on text controls. There have been few improvements like setting ImeOptions, coloring various elements bars and switches, etc.


The Microsoft owned product Xamarin is the most convenient and cross-platform oriented framework that helps the Android, iOS and other mobile application developers to create the code structure of the interfaces commendable rate. It is the most convenient tool for developing mobile applications at ease by reducing both time and cost. It is not only beneficial for the development team but also for the company who provides the facility to the application coding team for its implementation and deployment.