UX Design


UX design stands for user experience design. UX is nothing but the value that to offer to your users when they are using your product. The user experience design is the process of improving the user satisfaction by enhancing the usability and accessibility of the product. Providing easy and delightful way to integrate with the products. User experience design is not the job of a single developer. We the designers at Target Icon works as a team to provide the best UX design to the client and it’s not only the team but a company as whole. The only vision of the Target Icon Company is to satisfy the client needs.

Why design UX at Targeticon?

We at Target Icon not only pay attention look and feel of the design, we mostly focus on how it works after completion of the design phase. We give the best user experience design with good product content that will allow the organization to achieve its goal. We consider that the user experience design is an important part of the development life cycle.

The Process of UX Designing

User experience is a replicative process that helps us to improve the design and bring changes in your design. There are different processes that need to be repeated continuously in order to evaluate the design at each process. The design process is divided into six different processes they listed below and we follow them during the design process.

Understand the problem

In order to solve any problem we at Target Icon first understand the problem and also the requirements. We follow the standard industry user research method which includes interviews and watch the user at the real time. We also conduct various brain storming sessions for the clients and show them the existing product and try to get feedbacks on the products.

Collecting information

one of the important aspect of design phase it to do research. The designer works on the research field in order to know how others are working on the features. We keep on focusing on the latest UI designs, the design methodology and guidelines.

Planning and Testing

The definition of UI is specified in this process. This activity is related to the implement and testing phase of the design process. We draw the sketches on paper, make use of the whiteboard and wireframes to express the ideas to the stakeholders. This is a repetitive process. This phase also includes the debugging and testing of wireframes.


Till now the required flow of the interface and the layout has been decided, now we need to work on the graphics and finalize them. At this stage, we prepare the document and share them with the development team.