iOS Application Designing


The two most popular mobile platforms across the world are the iOS and the Android. Although intense competition from other smartphone companies iPhone remains the first choice among people across the globe. Android uses Material Design whereas the iOS use Human Interface Design. There are two designers, namely the app designers and website designers. The app designers when designing an app need to select between iOS and Android before starting the initial process of designing. How good it feels for the designer when they design an iOS app? What if the app you have developed is appreciated and ranks high against all countless competitors? The designer will be at the top of his career.

A technology consulting company AST provides its customer with excellent designs and other services regarding technology. The iOS application designers are well qualified with high skills to design an iOS app. A team of Apple master coders develops the iOS app using the latest Framework and are fascinating in the area of development. The goal of the AST is to provide the best services with high quality and cost-effective to its customer. You can visit our website to gain access to our services related to web development, mobile development, digital services and much more.

Application Development Life Cycle

As an iOS developer, we know the life cycle of an application and this application lifecycle can help you to understand the overall performance of an app. So, the Lifecycle of an iOS app is as follows.

Investigation and Analysis

The most important this for developing an iOS app is to make a concrete base for developers to work on. So, investigating and analyzing the requirements of our clients are the first things we do for making the process easier for our team members.

Designing UI Application

Delegate is a protocol that the app has to implement. This will notify the user events such as app launch, the app goes into the background or foreground mode, the app is terminated and other events. The initial application setup takes place in this process.


This is where the real fun begins. Here all the codes regarding the applications are written and are formulated in the fastest way possible by our talented team members.

Integration and Testing

After the development is complete, experts check and test the applications for bugs or errors for the initial eradication of any problems from the get-go. Although it sounds simple, there are many different types of tests that an application has to go through and pass to be able to launch.


After everything is completed, and the app has cleared all the pre-requisites then the developers and the marketing team inform the client, and then they can eventually launch their brand new application

Our Goals

Our goals are directly related to your results
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