Android Application Design


The current world is more connected towards Internet and mobile application than ever before. Due to which everything and everyone are dependent on Internet to get information and knowledge of services. The mobile application is growing rapidly and offering web based solutions to the users across the globe. Android smartphone is more popular and around 2 billion people use them in day to day life. Developing an Android app has a lot of advantages and the developers can show their creativeness in designing the app. There are different platform and different apps developed depending upon the operating system and the smartphone user uses. Basically, most people make use of the Android platform.

Why develop Android app?

There are various reasons why you should consider developing an Android app. At AST the developers will help you to build the best app for Android. Why we consider developing an Android app? Below are the reasons

Source is available to everyone

Android is an open source platform and the designers are not bound to anyone and design the app freely. The app development is just not for the Android market, but for everyone. This helps us a freedom to try new and innovative design for the apps. We think out of the box to provide the user with the best solution. Because of the Software development kit model we are allowed to communicate easily with the members and decide on future improvements of app development.

Can be used on Multiple Devices

Android platform allows user to install any app and also use them without any restriction just because of its SDK model. The developer can debug and test the app on any device or on multiple devices without paying anything. After the testing phase is completed, we then assemble the app on the Android according to the needs of the clients.

Easy to Use

We have a well experienced team of Java members, who can develop an Android app for you. The programmers easily learn new languages and scripting code to develop a mobile app for Android version. Anyone can launch an app, it’s very easy you just need to register as an developer and then submit your developed .apk file, making it accessible to end users across the Android market.

More Widely Used Platform

As stated above it is widely popular and around 84.7% of mobiles are completely based on Android OS. There is a lot of scope for Android applications in the future due to its growth. The Android platform is very easy to handle and also easy to operate and use the functionality. As the number of Android users are growing on daily basis, the Android app regulators will have an advantage over it as many people will be downloading their innovative app