Web Designing


We live in a society where information is available at our fingertips. The user mainly surfs over the internet to get more information about a particular product or about a company. Every company has its website that gives clear information about their company. Having a good website will attract people and will be appreciated, but having a great website will help to get more business. It will also grow your business by reaching to people across the world. No matter where your head office is situated, the website can be accessed by millions of people across the globe.

Why Us?

Alphasoft Technologies is a software consulting company that offers web development services to offshore clients and other local clients. The web developers at AST will understand your business category and develops the layout of the website which includes all the requirements of the clients.

    • The web design team at AST creates a unique website with fantastic design and effects.
    • They design websites from static design to dynamic web design.
    • The designers have also redesigned the website by studying intensely on the previous design and develop an entirely new website.

Different Types of Websites Designs

Different types of websites are classified depending upon their functionality, design, and content. The three types are

By Function

A website can be classified into several kinds by their function they perform. AST will help its client to create a website based on function. There are five different types of functionality based website that can be developed by the developers on the user requirement at Target Icon. Listed below are the five different types

    • Brochure functionality based website
    • E-commerce functionality based website
    • Portal functionality based website
    • Wiki functionality based website
    • Social media feature based website.

Content-based website design

The next type is a content design based website. If you ask the developers at AST about a particular website, they will first look at the website and see how dynamic the content is. They will further confirm the content accessibility on all devices and accordingly respond to your queries. There are two types of content based websites:

  • Static or fixed content based websites
  • Dynamic content based website

Website design based on Responsiveness

The design based is also called as the responsive based website. These are the most popular one in recent times. Most companies prefer to develop a responsive website for their business. These websites can be used for all devices and accessed easily on all devices. The design based website is further divided into three types typically

  • Static based or fluid based website design
  • Fluid or liquid-based website design
  • Responsive based website design